Diagnostic Manufacturing

With specific expertise in antigen and serologic testing, lateral flow and immunoassays, we can help you across your assay development journey. Whether you are looking for highly reliable antibodies, bulk immunoglobulins, nanoparticles or full support for custom assay development and manufacturing scale up, our team is willing to help.

As an end-to-end manufacturer, we deliver supply chain confidence with manufacturing scalability to meet the needs of our customers. We promise highly validated and reliable products that service both our customers and end-patients.

Scientist Extracting a Rack Tube With Urine Samples. Closeup of a Scientist Working With Urine Samples in Lab.


It matters how and where your antibodies are produced for your diagnostic assays. Whether you require a catalogue or custom solution, our careful development and validation process de-risk your project.

Bulk Antibodies

We manufacture all our products on-site at a Fortis facility, therefore we have the flexibility to curate your bulk requirements for assay development. Whether you need a specific volume, packaging or titer we can customize a solution to your specifications. Learn more about bulk solution for assay development.


Our nanospheres and nanoshells are optimized for conjugation and lateral flow applications, especially for assays that require high sensitivity. Our solutions include ready to use kits containing all of the necessary components to optimize conjugation of your antibody to nanoparticles or development of a lateral flow assay. You can trust our high-quality gold reagents to offer robust reproducible assays.

Development & Contract Manufacturing

Every assay is unique, trust a team with experience to work with you to quickly deliver on joint milestones. We offer full-service development and contract manufacturing services for Lateral Flow and other Diagnostic assays in our ISO13485:2016 facility in San Diego. Contact our Business Development Team and we can start scoping out your project.