ELISAs are an essential component of the experimental workflow, and your choice of supplier is critical to the success of your research.

Our ready-to-use kits have all the components you need to reproducibly detect proteins of interest with greater confidence. Every antibody we offer has been manufactured and validated at our own facility, ensuring you get the highest quality and reliable results.

Fortis Life Sciences ELISA kits are made against mouse, human, bovine, rat, pig, chicken, dog, and rabbit serum proteins. Every ELISA kit provides a complete set of reagents. Components include pre-coated 96-well strip plate, standard, detection antibody, sample dilution buffer, HRP solution, TMB substrate, stop solution, 20X wash buffer, sealing tape, and detailed instructions.

Closeup of the blue gloved hands of a scientist during a multichannel pipette test in a 96 well microplate
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