About nanoComposix

Founded in 2004, nanoComposix, is headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA. nanoComposix was built with the mission of providing precisely engineered and highly characterized nanomaterials to a global customer base. nanoComposix is an ISO 13485 certified company. This helps to ensure that all products and services are of the highest quality and continue to meet customer expectations.

What nanoComposix offers:

The product portfolio contains hundreds of different variants of materials, size, shape, and surface backed by extensive technical documentation and support. Development services are provided by a technical team with extensive expertise in nanotechnology, biology, chemistry, physics, and optics. nanoComposix produced the NIST nanosilver reference material and its materials have been utilized in over 3000 peer-reviewed publications. All materials are supplied with certificates of analysis that include electron microscopy, hydrodynamic diameter, and optical data for each batch to guarantee products meet specifications.