Epitope Tag Antibodies

Epitope tag antibodies are used for the detection of proteins where specific antibodies are not available. The benefits of epitope tag antibodies include time, resource and cost savings.

At Fortis Life Sciences, we offer a range of monoclonal and polyclonal epitope tag antibodies, including His, T7, V5, VSV, Myc and GST antibodies.

Plasma cells produce and segregate antibodies. The antibodies mark pathogens for destruction by phagocytic cells, they coat key sites on pathogens necessary for infection, and they induce the complement cascade to react against antibody-bound pathogens.
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What are Epitope Tags?

An epitope tag is a biological structure or sequence, such as a protein or carbohydrate, which acts as an antigen that is recognized by an antibody. Epitope tagging is a technique in which a known epitope is fused to a recombinant protein using genetic engineering. Epitope tags make it possible to detect proteins when no antibody is available. This technique can be used to characterize newly discovered proteins and low abundant proteins.

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Fortis Life Sciences is dedicated to supporting scientific discovery through its qualified antibody products and custom polyclonal antibody service, and serves to advance science by developing qualified antibodies for emerging and underserved protein targets.

Our portfolio consists of over 9,500 catalog products, offering over 8,000 primary antibodies, targeting over 3,000 proteins and 1,000 secondary antibodies raised against immunoglobulins from over 25 species.

Every antibody that Fortis Life Science sells has been manufactured to exacting standards at its sole location in Montgomery, Texas, and has been validated in-house by Fortis’ team of scientists. From the veterinary facilities to the development, production and validation labs, the entire Bethyl team focuses on delivering quality products.

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